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My Story

My parents were both deaf. They were not well educated. They worked hard at low level manual labor type jobs. They did not have the educational opportunities that the deaf have today. They did not have the internet, email, smartphones, Facetime or Skype to connect with family or service providers. They did not have the verbal skills necessary to communicate all of their needs. We used sign language, home signs and a lot of lip reading to speak with each other.

At a very young age my sister and I were responsible for talking to the outside world by telephone. Making doctor appointments and other arrangements. And yet, we got by very nicely. Frustrating at times, but I had a good childhood.

My parents’ world was totally visual. No sound. Just what they could see. I believe their other senses of touch, taste and smell were heightened. But their visual world was predominant.

I'm sure that my chosen profession of video producer, that my affinity to the visual media is a result of my childhood experiences.

When I would tell my Mother what someone had said and what they were going to do, she would always say "We'll see." I didn't come to understand the true meaning of those words in her world until later in life. Her challenge was to determine who to trust based on action and not words. Are they doing what they said they would? Did their face and body language match their actions? Is the person saying one thing and doing another? There was a great deal of skepticism in her world.

The lesson I learned was to:

Judge people by their actions, not by their words. Judge by results achieved and not by platitudes of what can be. Show me and you will be credible in my eyes. Prove to me that I can trust you with a display of credibility.

We are bombarded by hundreds of offers and enticements every day. How can a business stand out in a skeptical world? How can a business build the necessary credibility and trust in it's product or service so that prospects will feel comfortable and confident enough to make the decision to purchase?

Does your business appear trustworthy? Does your prospect believe you are real, authentic and credible? Can you provide proof that you can do what you say you can do? Does everything that is said about you and every marketing effort you make help build your credibility so people can trust you? Are you credible?

Remember " People would rather buy from someone they know, like and trust even if the price is a little higher". It's the comfort of knowing that the right decision has been made based on the credibility of the provider.

This is what I believe:

Do what you say you will do and build credibility and trust for your products and services. Build your business with the confidence that people will buy more from you when they come to know, like and trust you. Visibility plus credibility equals profitability.

And, as my Mother always said, "We'll see".

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