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St. Louis Park High School Class of 1968 - 50th Reunion videos -


Visual story telling.

Creating awareness, understanding and clarity by telling your story.


We use video to take advantage of the huge potential for visibility, sharing and interaction that can boost your organization's ability to connect with your audience. Our videos are extremely effective in making an emotional connection between donors and your mission .  Videos keep your events and messages alive for replay and for online viewing to reach a larger audience.



Build your brand and deliver successful results. 

Company profiles, product launches, employee training, product training, customer testimonials, corporate events, focus groups, case studies, exhibition videos, tour videos and many more ....

Music videos capture the beauty of a concert, a solo performance, a choral group or a religious service with quality audio and video to preserve your special event for later playback.

Our event videos capture all the action and emotions, the speeches and toasts, the funny and sad. Memories that can be shared with future generations.




About Allan

I am a video producer. Using creative and compelling video, I help you create awareness about your business, your products and your services. I help make you more memorable. I help your customers understand why you are the best person for the job, why your products are the best for their needs and why your services will help solve their problems.

Specialties: Off-line business video marketing, Internet video business marketing, Non-profit video fundraising, social and event video, experienced Final Cut Pro editor.

4240 Pineview Lane North

Plymouth, MN 55442


Story Teller/Author/ Video Editor

 FinalCutPro / OnLocationVideo / AllanBlockVideo

Available for freelance, contract jobs and speaking engagements

on location or at my studio


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